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My Story

I’m Elizabeth M. Glynn, founder of EMG Exporting Strategies. After high school and during college I had the occasion to spend the summer in Mexico and my junior year in Spain. These were truly wonderful life experiences that allowed me to embrace the world and all it has to offer. I learned about the diversity of peoples, cultures, cuisines, insights, and language. I not only improved my proficiency of the Spanish that I had learned in school but delighted in the opportunity to travel extensively throughout these amazing regions. So it was natural that I pursue a global career, first with an airline and then in global transportation. This provided the foundation upon which I have enjoyed an everchanging career in global trade.

After traipsing the world while I worked for an international airline and completing my master’s degree in international management, I then worked export operations for an air freight company and account sales for a premier customs broker-freight forwarder. This provided the basis from which I transitioned to international manager for a company where I managed all export-import operations. I streamlined the global logistics infrastructure; managed export, import, foreign-based transactions; facilitated multi-country shipments, free trade zone projects; and negotiated letters of credit. It was this position that allowed me to hone my experience and expertise in global trade, including accomplishing the improbable. I learned firsthand that capability, not size or immense capital, provides a key competitive advantage. 

Elizabeth Glynn

accelerating companies’ investment in exporting their products

From my position as international manager I moved forward with establishing the export operations for a medical device manufacturer which resulted in sales to a number of global markets. As an export advisor for a defense contractor, I provided training and guidance to multiple business units working with foreign buyers. Again, I was reminded that capability is a competitive advantage in global trade. More recently, as subject matter expert, I not only facilitated export management programs that enabled business owners to develop an export growth plan to support their export expansion but also created two export programs. A global operations and business development professional, I have worked with companies in export operations, global marketing, trade finance, global logistics, and compliance with the objective of accelerating companies’ investment in exporting their products in the global marketplace. 

Along the way, I’ve worked with manufacturers impacted by import competition; served as a business development director that worked with companies to provide onsite training; developed multiple customized global programs; and, as an instructor teaching global business & trade, I’ve shared my expertise and experience with hundreds of students who I know have advanced in their own global careers. While it has been a rewarding global career, there’s yet more to achieve. Now, more than ever, global trade can provide companies a source of business growth.

Business group crossing from Baja California, Mexico to San Diego after a robust day
of learning about cross-border business climate and opportunity.
Business group crossing from Baja California, Mexico to San Diego after a robust day of learning about cross-border business climate and opportunity.

Exporting is a GROWTH Opportunity

EMG Exporting Strategies is a consulting practice that packages all my past experience into the success I deliver to all clients. Today, I assist manufacturers to evaluate current export activities with a focus on building out capability to increase sales across global markets. By integrating exporting into the business plan, companies can expand business growth not only with current foreign buyers but also buyers in new global markets.

Based on an initial assessment, companies are guided through steps that assist them to identify target global markets; identify channels of distribution; evaluate and select appropriate methods of payment; and, determine effective methods of shipping foreign customer orders more effectively. As appropriate, product adaptation, legal considerations, regulations, compliance, and other steps in the export process are highlighted. My objective is to enable companies to develop an export process that aligns with current business operations, positions them to compete effectively, and maximizes export sales opportunities.



  • Results-oriented global business development and logistics professional with proven success in expanding international business: sales, operations, logistics, trade finance, trade resources.
  • Skilled troubleshooter; adept negotiator; ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to enlist support at all levels (executive, government, international); team player.
  • Expansive knowledge of export, import, transportation, and trade matters.


  • Facilitate ExporTech™ corporate management programs throughout Southern California that enable manufacturers to develop an export growth plan.
  • Work with Executive Teams to gain strategic focus and to provide support to build out export capability.
  • ExporTech programs integrated as Step 2 of Mayor Garcetti’s Export Initiative (City of Los Angeles).

Results Include:

    • Seven (7) Manufacturers recognized with Export Awards for export expansion efforts including
    • Three (3) Manufacturers recognized with President’s ‘E’ Award* (2013, 2018, 2019)

* The President’s “E” Award was created in 1961 by Executive Order of the President and is the highest recognition a U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

  • Collaborate with Partners in San Diego and Baja California (Mexico) to coordinate multiple Baja Trade Tours.
  • Work with division business units to support sales and streamline export transactions to foreign customers.
  • Establish export operation for manufacturer resulting in new sales to Latin America, Europe, Asia, Russia.
  • Streamline global transportation infrastructure resulting in a 150% increase in global sales.
  • As Account Executive with premier customs broker, provide clients with air, ocean, truck freight transport, customs clearance, duty drawback, cargo insurance, 3PL.
  • Working Export Operations for a national air freight forwarder, manage air export operations including documentation, export licensing, insurance, national assembly accounts. Train management, sales, operations personnel. Certified to work hazardous materials shipments.
  • Collaborate with large client to create and to deliver new Sequential Program (UCLA Extension) for non-native speaking professionals (presentation skills, business writing).


  • CGBP, Certified Global Business Professional, www.nasbite.org
  • Approved and recertified to teach BUS 685, Business Global Management (MBA for Working Professionals). University of La Verne


  • Member, District Export Council – California Inland Empire (CIE DEC)
    • By appointment of the U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  • Member, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
    • World Trade Week Committee
    • Co-Chair, Global Initiatives Council
    • Co-Chair, Global Education
    • World Trade Week Education Committee
  • Member, U.S. – Mexico Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Institute of Management Consultants
  • Member, International Visitors Council of Los Angeles
  • Member, Foreign Trade Association
    • Board of Directors
  • Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management
    • Board Member, North American Alumni Council
    • Coordinator, A Day at the Races – a World Trade Week event


  • Proficient in Spanish
  • Conversational French


  • Exporting as a Key Growth Venue for Small Business: Venturing Abroad to Gain Market and Profit Minority and Small Business Review, University of the West, Volume 15, Spring 2017


Senior Adjunct Instructor
College of Business and Public Policy, University of La Verne

Instruct the following courses:


  • Global Business Management (MBA for Working Professionals)
  • Managing in a Global Economy (full-time MBA)
  • Leadership & Organization
  • Ethics


  • Culture & Gender Issues in Management (for Working Professionals)

International Trade & Commerce, Business & Management, UCLA Extension

Instruct the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of International Trade
  • International Freight Transport & Traffic Management
  • Internship in International Trade & Commerce

Custom Programs
International Trade & Commerce, Business & Management, UCLA Extension

  • Develop and present Import – Export Techniques for China business delegation

Instructor - contract education
Business Department, Santa Monica College

  • Coordinate and deliver Leadership course for members of H.E.A.D.S.T.A.R.T. Board

Custom Programs
University Extension, University of California, Riverside

Create and deliver multiple one-day International Professional Programs (for foreign professionals):

  • Customer Service Factors (the Competitive Edge) in a Logistics/Services Environment
    • Adapted for multiple disciplines: Warehousing & Logistics; Finance; Human Resources
  • Managing in a Global Environment

Custom Programs:  Global Business Certificate Program
Corporate Education, University of Phoenix

Created and deliver multiple topics:

  • Global Logistics, International Documentation in Trade
  • Global Business Practices