Find Exciting Business Opportunities in Global Markets


Find Exciting Business Opportunities in Global Markets


Elizabeth m. glynn

I’m Elizabeth Glynn, founder of EMG Exporting Strategies.
With 25+ years of global-based experience, I’m here for your success.
Review my webpages and then let’s get started with a complimentary call.
Let’s explore where your global markets are now and identify potential expansion of sales.
Let’s review and enhance the exporting process to facilitate export sales.
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Manufacturers throughout Southern California are sitting on GOLD - their own products.

If your company is not exporting, you may be missing out on a key source of growth.

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EMG Exporting Strategies is a professional consulting practice that represents 25+ years of experience in export expansion. Client results include:

  • Expanding current and/or new export sales.
  • Identifying new export opportunities.
  • Strategizing competitive global positioning.
  • Developing long-term export strategies for business expansion.


  • Client assessment to determine potential export activity.
  • Market research for identifying key country and market opportunities.
  • Establishing an advantageous trade payment process.
  • Formalizing internal operations for export success.
  • Export resources for maximizing ongoing success.
  • Evaluating competitive shipping options.


  • California manufacturers with a minimum of $3 million in annual sales and 10 employees.
  • Key sectors include, but are not limited to, industrial, aerospace, electronics, food, measuring instruments, infrastructure, and more.
  • Accidental exporters – companies that export on an ad hoc basis.
  • Manufacturers seeking long-term sales growth.

Why Work With Me?

  • 25+ years of successfully working with California companies to increase export sales.
  • Established alliances within the Southern California global trade network.
  • Passionate in assisting California companies and ‘Made in USA’ manufacturers to drive sales and profit by expanding market share in global markets.
  • Dedicated to empowering California companies to enhance their capabilities and to maximize export sales opportunities.

It Begins With Understanding Your Company’s Current Export Activities.

Questions for evaluating reasons to export:

  • Is your company currently exporting?
  • Can export sales be increased?
  • Are there other products of interest to the foreign buyer?
  • Does your company have underutilized manufacturing production capacity?
    Exporting your products, components, machinery in global markets is an effective way to increase production capacity.
  • Is there opportunity to reduce risk?
    Exporting products to buyers in global markets can help your company to diversify risk.Example: Snow ski equipment can be sold year-round.
    During the winter months products are sold in the U.S. During the summer (due reverse seasons), ski equipment can be sold in Argentina or New Zealand.
  • What steps can assist the company to expand its reach with prospective buyers in targeted global markets?
  • How does integrating exporting impact your business plan?
  • How does integrating the export process benefit your company?